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Influencer Marketing Course

Instructor : Subilal K

Rating : ★★★★

Price : ₹2500/-  ₹1499/.

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Whatsapp APi set-up & Chat-bots

Instructor : Subilal K

Rating : ★★★★★

Price : ₹999/- ₹499/.

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Digitally transform a business

Instructor : Subilal K

Rating : ★★★★★


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What our Learners Say

Learner from India

Great - just what I needed. Very short and succinct. No blathering on for chapter after chapter and essentially saying the same thing over and over like so many other books and courses in this genre. If you're looking for a quick pick-me-up along with some serious positive impact on your business, then this automation course is a must have. 

Subeesh Raman, CEO - Sygul Tech

Learner from India

The digital marketing mastery workshop by Mr.Subilal of DailySkills was an usefull workshop those who are looking to go digital. It contains A to Z about digital marketing from lead genration to Upselling to existing customers. The knowledge set was on a practical perspective so that we can learn about Social media and the tools used to structure the data. The live examples he explained werw excellent and we can relate each one of them with existing business scenarios. 5x2= 10hours program was rich in content but was vey cheap in fees. Those who attended can surely double thier business by generating new leads. All the wishes to Subilal and team...

Surendhranath Kamath, CEO - INIT Solutions

Learner from India

Daily Skills really helped me in understanding and adapting the latest digital marketing tools in my startup. The training from Subilal was very effective and easily implementable, thus saved a lot of time in our marketing and sales process. Marketing and sales play a crucial role in business, so instead of spending a lot of time self-learning the concepts, just start right away with DailySkills.

Soorya Shanmughan

Learner from India

This workshop stands out for the kind of high value it provides: Some of the best market practices; current tools, comparitive pros n cons, with guidance on tools that are best suited to the scale of business; very practically designed to gain faster results. Subilal as trainer and coach delivers in a simple and easy to understand and effective way, and coming in with a history of hands on learning and experiences that are invaluable, because it helps to know what not to do and what to do...Highly recommended for enterpreneurs. There is enough learning by doing sessions too. For entepreneurs its a Must and no- miss opportunity.

Pradeep R

Learner from India

I had the opportunity to attend one of the workshops conducted by Subilal. It revealed a lots of subtle points with respect to digital marketing. One of the key points which stood out is the effective utilization of the tools. To his credit, Subilal has done extensive research on these tools and this provides a much needed authenticity when he explains their strengths and weaknesses. Being a technically sound and hands-on person, makes a world of difference when conducting such sessions. I would strongly recommend the workshops from Subilal for anyone getting into digital marketing and sales process.

Manoj Gopalakrishnan

Learner from India

Subilal is an exceptional trainer who tries to understand the indepth need to provide a solution. He is a tech savvy person with outstanding knowledge of products best suited for Digital Marketing to maximise ROI. Would highly recommend his program and guidance.

Anil Balan, Investor


Daily Skills training institute provides these certifications on digital marketing courses.

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